R1 - Bahrain - FIA Formula 2 Race 1-2 Report
- FIA Formula 2 -

28 Marzo 2021

Foto 1 - R1 - Bahrain - FIA Formula 2 Race 1-2 Report

Oscar Piastri secured his maiden FIA Formula 2 Championship win for PREMA Racing today at Bahrain International Circuit.

The 19-year-old Australian, who had secured a solid fifth place in race 1, delivered a stunning victory in the second sprint of the day. 

Starting with the hard tyre compound, the Alpine Academy racer dived to the pits during a late safety for a set of soft tyres. At the re-start, he set a blistering pace and muscled his way to the lead in an impressive fashion to secure victory. 

Robert Shwartzman had more of a rollercoaster ride. The 21-year-old Russian cruised from P11 on the grid to fourth place in race 1 with an extremely positive drive. Unfortunately, contact in turn 1 put him out of contention in the second race.

With two sprint runs in the books, F2 will be back for its feature race tomorrow. 


# 1 – Robert Shwartzman

"In race 1 we had a positive start considering our unfortunate qualifying yesterday. I made a good decision on where to place myself in turn 1 and fought with the other drivers, gaining some positions. The beginning of the race and the first half were good balance-wise, but then in the final part of the race, an early lock-up made the car very critical to drive and I lost quite a bit of performance and balance. The final laps were very tricky but I managed to keep P4. In race 2, I think the launch itself was quite good. I was side-by-side with Lungaard, and there was not much space on the left so I couldn't do a proper entry. I didn't really overpush, we were still side-by-side going in turn 1, but suddenly Tickum came in on the complete opposite line as he was trying to make a crossover. I couldn't see him on the left and when I saw him was at the moment of the contact. I think it was unavoidable on my side, and it's a pity because we had a great opportunity to fight for the podium. I tried my best, but it is what it is."


# 2 - Oscar Piastri

"It's been the craziest win I had in my life. In the beginning, we were struggling with the hard tyres and honestly, I was also not driving good enough as I'm still learning the changes in grip. Then we got the pit-stop and I have to credit Prema for that decision. At the end with the soft tyres, I was able to pull some good moves and here we are! Race 1 was positive too and we showed a lot of positive signs"

Foto 2 - R1 - Bahrain - FIA Formula 2 Race 1-2 Report

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