R07 Monza - Qualifying Report
FIA Formula 3

07 September 2019

Foto 1 - R07 Monza - Qualifying Report

PREMA Racing scored positive results in a troubled qualifying session for the FIA Formula 3 Championship at the legendary Monza venue.

As catching a good slipstream was going to be key to secure a good position on the starting grid, many drivers stopped and swerved on the track in order to get in the best possible position, or preventing other contenders from catching their tails. 

In the end, as multiple cars were basically stationary on track while others were passing at full speed, the race direction decided to stop the running for safety reasons. In the end, despite logging only one real push lap each, Marcus Armstrong, Robert Shwartzman and Jehan Daruvala brought home P2, P3 and P4 respectively on the starting grid for the feature race.  


# 26 - Marcus Armstrong

“It has been a pretty crazy session. To be honest, I was pretty disappointed when it was red-flagged because I thought I had too much potential to improve my lap time. I think that if I put all my sectors together it was going to be a much quicker lap. I think it’s the same for my teammates as well. Still, I think we could have done something special with more running in clean air.”


# 27 - Jehan Daruvala

“I think that, as everybody probably knows, the second half of the session it was a complete mess but at the end of the day, having three cars into the top-4 was very good for us. It’s all shoulda woulda coulda, but, in the end, we got P4 which is a good starting position and hopefully, I can move forward tomorrow, it's very possible since the race will be long and exciting. We hope for a good start.”


# 28 - Robert Shwartzman

“It was a pretty strange qualifying session. I knew that there would have been a bit of a mess with traffic and slipstreams but I didn’t expect to get only one push lap compared to the 5 we had planned. I’m disappointed, but we have been lucky to have completed at least one lap. Then people didn’t want to concede the slipstream, and there were plenty of dangerous situations with drivers braking or changing lanes. I didn’t get a single sector where I gave the best that I could, because there was always a messy situation around. That said, the result wasn’t bad. We start third in a very important race and the goal is to score as many points as possible.”

Foto 2 - R07 Monza - Qualifying Report

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