R03 Barcelona - Qualifying Report
FIA Formula 2

10 May 2019

Foto 1 - R03 Barcelona - Qualifying Report

It hasn't been an easy qualifying session for PREMA Racing at Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya, home to the third round of the 2019 FIA Formula 2 Championship. After showing great potential in their opening runs, at the end of the day, Mick Schumacher and Sean Gelael had to content with P10 and P13 respectively.

The young German rookie struggled to find the right confidence with his car in the second part of the session, rounding out the top-10 in a really competitive pack where most of the field was covered by less than a second. He will start tomorrow's feature race in 9th position following post qualifying penalties.

The Indonesian showed that he would have had a chance too, but as he was preparing to launch for his second attempt, he was pushed off by another driver losing momentum. Setting his personal fastest mark at the last gasp, he ended up not too far away from his team-mate and will start Race 1 from 13th position on the grid.


# 9 - Mick Schumacher

"I think we had the pace to do a good job. My first Qualifying run was ok and I felt confident. With the second set however I didn’t manage to maximize the performance. I didn’t feel the same way in the car which probably also influenced my confidence. Still, I believe in the potential for a spectacular race tomorrow and I am aiming at being in the mix and catching up."


# 10 - Sean Gelael

"In the first run I made a mistake preparing my lap, so we should have been closer to where Mick was, but we knew that the lap time would come in the second run. I think then both of us lost a bit of pace, and it didn't help what happened with another driver. I was preparing my lap, but he was too slow so I tried to overtake him. I think it's a bit unsportsmanlike that he pushed me off when I was side by side with him in turn 4. We'll see, we still got a long race tomorrow."

Foto 2 - R03 Barcelona - Qualifying Report

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